We’re gonna need a bigger DeLorean for Retro Drive-In this Summer

Retro Drive-In Movies is bringing Jaws and Back to the Future are coming to Dublin Port as part of the Port’s River Fest this June.

Whether or not you’ve seen Jaws, you’ve definitely seen elements of it surfacing throughout popular culture. From that iconic dolly zoom to its masterful theme to “We’re gonna need a bigger blank”. And the same goes for Back to the Future, from the iconic DeLorean, to disappearing because of messing with your past to the hit TV show Rick and Morty!

Retro-Drive in Movies are giving audiences a chance not only to see these movies on the big screen, but also to experience them in a retro setting which gives cinema-worshippers a great chance to change things up.

Head Back to the Future with Marty and Doc Brown on June 4th at 5PM.

Or to find out why Jaws has spawned its own sub-genre (Sharknado anyone?), you can see it at 9:15PM, again on June 4th.

The Drive-In screenings are immensely popular, with each event completely selling out, so if you’re interested, pick up tickets here soon to avoid disappointment.

Jess Dunne
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Jess is an English with Film grad with a healthy respect for the big Blockbusters and other such entertainment 'fluff'. Who says pleasures have to be guilty?


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