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As culture in our fair city of film continues to recede, bulldozed aside by the careless and artless to stick up a few more hotels, it is more important than ever to encourage those who share art for art’s own sake. Those who genuinely embrace the wonderful, the wild and the weird of cinema, rather than simply Press Up against it….

Cabaret Noise introduced themselves during the summer with their efforts to  bring “cinemas greatest and most forgotten oddities” to  venues and locations around Dublin and they will be returning in the weeks and months ahead with their second series, THE HARVEST BLOOD MOON, a selection of horror films about seasonal change that are set to take place at The Darkroom this autumn and winter, with admissions free of charge (and donations welcome).

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Though we at Film In Dublin love a prestigious evening of sophisticated cinema as much as the next website, there’s no doubt that sometimes it’s good to kick back and enjoy a late night of wild and weird cult movies. And who says the latter can’t have as much artistic intrigue and worthy discussion as the latter? Cabaret Noise certainly agree with us on that front.  This new Dublin-based film events company are dedicated to bringing cinemas greatest and most forgotten oddities to all manner of venues and locations around Dublin, and they’ll be introducing themselves to the fair city of film with a series of oddities set to screen in Stoneybatter over the next few months.

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