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Director: Darren Thornton Starring: Seana Kerslake, Tara Lee, Charleigh Bailey Running Time: 82 minutes

When tracksuit wearing, club loving ‘Mad Mary’ is released from prison, the expectations people in her life have for her are low. Best friend and bride-to-be Charlene never even considered that Mary might want a +1 for her wedding, or that she would be capable of writing a maid of honour speech on her own. Hen’s Night duty has been taken right out of Mary’s hands, she’d probably just want a few cans anyway, right? Its easy for her friends, her never-grew-up mother, her perspective suitors and the denizens of Drogheda to casually dismiss Mary, but little do they know just how complicated and capable she really is. Likewise, A Date For Mad Mary gradually reveals itself to be more than a simple wedding farce.

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