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With the Light House Cinema reopening its doors earlier this month, its loyal clientele were eager to avail of some of their beloved comfort movie favourites. Stuff to get people excited to get back into a cinema seat again, when they feel safe and willing to do so. The Smithfield cinema have duly obliged and July and August will see them host a ‘Summer of Fun’, all killer, no filler programming to put a smile on your face (behind your mask).


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The summer issue of Film In Dublin’s zine Pretty Deadly Films is out now. School’s out for summer and we’re getting that bell ringing feeling.

Our zine celebrates the best of blockbusters, cult hits and fave films, where the pretty and the deadly do things that are pretty deadly. On film.

Issue Six – School’s Out For Summer is available now and this issue features:

Original art by Brian Burke and Jess Dunne

A recipe for a Breakfast Club Sandwich by Luke Dunne

An essay on excitement and melancholy in Teen Movies by Ciara Moloney

A list of queer coming-of-age stories by Francesco Barri

An essay on the 2017 Power Rangers reboot and its truer to life teens by Graham Day

Your guide to teens texting that slashers are after them this summer


Take a look at Film In Dublin’s Gumroad page and get your copy now. You can get a digital download for your PDF copy of PDF for pay-what-you-can pricing HERE. Or if you’d like a hard copy sent right to your door, take a look HERE.

Stay tuned for more bits, bobs and info on our summer issue of Pretty Deadly Films.

Nature, some might say, is healing. We have a long way to go before the Covid-19 pandemic can be described in the past tense – if ever – but here in Ireland, as time slowly starts to reshape into having the vaguest semblance of meaning, cinemas are set to reopen. Next Monday 7th June is the big date, with some chains taking bookings already, the IFI returning on the 10th, while the Light House Cinema will be back on the 25th.


If you’re feeling safe and ready to return to the cinema over the summer months though, the last year and a half of postponements and cancellations might have you wondering, what exactly is coming out anyway? We’re going to attempt to answer that, with a look ahead to some of the currently slated Irish releases in Summer 2021.


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The recently-opened Jam Park in Swords describes itself as “an adults playground”, a multi-experience venue for food, drink, gaming, dancing and more. So long as no one turns into donkeys after an extended stay at this Business Park Pleasure Island, it should open up a fun new range of possibilities for entertainment seekers looking something different, and with their upcoming Rooftop Cinema screenings, film fans are sure to find something that takes their fancy.

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This past weekend saw the Light House Cinema kick off their third edition of the popular film season, ‘Films You’d Love Your Kids To See’, with the first of three showings of ET: The Extra Terrestrial. Now in it’s third year, the lengthily titled season is a selection of favourites from the past that are perfectly suited to being shown to and loved by a whole new generation of film fans. From beloved standards like The Goonies and the Back to the Future trilogy, to all-time classics like The Wizard of Oz to 90’s Kids picks like Aladdin and Jurassic Park, there’s a wide selection of films showing all summer long that are bound to delight kids and adults alike and get the nostalgia flowing again. You can find the Light House’s full selection of films here, but Film In Dublin has picked out some of the must-sees for your calendar over the next few months.

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