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We’re so used to seeing international cinema get remade in the States in one form or another that we barely blink an eye these days, even when it’s a film relatively successful with mainstream audiences, like Parasite. For film fans it can be a frustrating process – the one inch barrier shouldn’t be that hard to climb over – but an interesting development has now seen an Irish movie optioned for its own English-language remake. As reported on ScreenDaily by Irish media writer Esther McCarthy, Arracht has been optioned for a remake by a US company.


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Director: Sofia Coppola Starring: Nicole Kidman, Colin Farrell, Kirsten Dunst, Elle Fanning Running Time: 94 minutes


The films of Sofia Coppola have always been drawn to the loneliness of the privileged, the longings and feelings of isolation of people who on the face of it, should have it all. In adapting The Beguiled, Thomas P. Cullinan’s novel previously put on screen from the decidedly more male perspectives of Don Siegel and Clint Eastwood in 1971, Coppola pushes her usual focus even further. The privileged here are the Southern belles of a Virginia girls school during the American Civil War, their isolation a gated-off manor, longing for the fathers and husbands and men-folk off fighting the losing side in a moral divide, even their hardships are a result of the school’s slaves not being around anymore. It may seem like too much Coppola at first glance, but in this repressed white erotica of furtive glances and fancy dresses, she uses restraint to great effect, resulting in a lean, sharp film, taking her usual privileged perspective and flipping it to comment on another.

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