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Pokémon has been going strong for twenty years now, with more games, movies, television series and new monsters than you can shake a Sudowoodo at. The recent release of Pokémon Go has shot its relevancy back into the heights of the original craze of the 90s, sending Nintendo’s stock soaring and getting everyone talking, exploring and in one unfortunate incidence, discovering a dead body. People worldwide are going mad for the augmented reality game that allows them to a) catch Pokémon while walking their dog and b) escape if only for a moment the unwielding horror of everything else that’s in the news right now. The game is available in Ireland now (there’s even an app to help you find Pokémon here) and in the interests of keeping up to date with all the latest trends, Film In Dublin has considered if our best and brightest actors were brightly coloured monsters you can keep in your pocket, which brightly coloured monsters you can keep in your pocket would they be?

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