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In the latest episode of the Breakout Role Podcast, Luke and Jess look at a more recent success story, that, in a personal attack on Luke as he pushes 30, was also 9 years ago…It’s Attack the Block! Joe Cornish’s cult hit sci-fi story of a group of London kids taking on vicious aliens in their block of flats.

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In the latest episode of the Breakout Role Podcast, Luke and Jess watch Robert Rodriguez’ follow-up to El Mariachi, Desperado, featuring the first starring role in Hollywood for Salma Hayek! #SalmaHayekBreakout

In her time in America, Salma Hayek has overcome stereotypes and stood up to sexism in the industry. From her turn in Desperado onwards, her chemistry with other actors and her ability to bring characters alive stood out. Was this a breakout or a fakeout for Salma? Listen in as Luke and Jess find out!

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In the latest episode of the Breakout Role Podcast, Luke and Jess watch 1983’s BMX Bandits, the first starring role of Nicole Kidman! #NicoleKidmanBreakout

Just 16 at the time this extended bicycle advert was made, Nicole vies for screentime against the stilted comedic stylings of the BMX Bandits, Goose and PJ. What is a powderpuff? Why do kids movies act like criminals are nothing to be afraid of? Was this extended bicycle advertisement a breakout or a fakeout for Nicole Kidman? Listen in and find out!

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Introducing…The Breakout Role Podcast!

Cinema-mad siblings Jess and Luke play judge, jury and executioner as they look back at the breakout, first leading roles of Hollywood Icons. From stunning debuts to the secrets actors thought long since buried, they decide were these first stabs at stardom worthy of a breakout, or were they more of a fakeout?

In the first official episode of The Breakout Role Podcast, it’s #NicCageBreakout, taking in Nicolas Cage’s debut in the 1983 teen romcom, Valley Girl!

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 As a fundraiser for the Irish Cancer Society’s annual Daffodil Day, the Irish popular film podcast The 250 is hosting a live eighteen-hour podcast covering David Lynch’s groundbreaking television series Twin Peaks: The Return from 2pm GMT (8am EST/5am PST) on Saturday 23rd March.

Blogger, podcaster, author, Darren Mooney is one of the hardest working names in the Irish critical community. A long-time writer on award-winning the m0vie blog, his one-stop shop for all things pop culture, Darren also contributes regularly to the Irish film monthly magazine CinÉireann and curates both the Scannain podcast and The 250, where he and Andrew Quinn look at IMDB’s list of the top 250 films of all time. (Full Disclosure: This writer has appeared on both podcasts.) Darren has recently published his latest book, Christopher Nolan – A Critical Study of the Films, a history covers Nolan’s complete filmography, tracing his career from film student to indie darling to Oscar-nominated auteur. Film In Dublin caught up with Darren to talk about his movie memories, influences as a writer, and experiences in the toxic waters of online backlashes.

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‘Kefin’ Mahon is a true podcast expert. Between wrestling podcasts How2Wrestling and the Attitude Era Podcast and the film-focused Cinema Swirl, UK-based Kefin Mahon and various tiffin loving Brit co-hosts go through the weird and wild world of wrestling and the joy of some beloved films respectively. Cinema Swirl sees big-bearded Kefin host alongside Sam Chaplin, who has somehow managed to go through life having never seen most of the massively popular films that have shaped popular culture, from Back to the Future to Lord of the Rings. With Cinema Swirl having recently returned from a hiatus, Film In Dublin spoke to Kefin about how his co-host is finding his journey through the pop-culture canon, who introduced Kefin himself to these films in the first place and more.

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