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Director: Colm Quinn Featuring: Michael Flynn, Paul Kelly Running Time: 84 minutes

With his distinctive features, alliterative name and unwavering commitment to selling mattresses, ‘Mattress Mick’ has become a true Dublin character in the last few years. But what secrets does Mick keep under the mattress, or rather, what was behind the unlikely transformation of an aging bed salesman into a social media star? Mattress Men answers that question and more, looking beyond the quirky character of cheaply made Youtube videos into deeper issues of financial crisis and the issues that come from men tying their pride to their work.

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A documentary about Dublin icon ‘Mattress Mick’ Michael Flynn is the stand-out film being shown at the IFI’s Documentary Festival in September. The man himself will be in attendance alongside director Colm Quinn and Paul Kelly for a Q and A when the film screens in the IFI on Thursday 22nd September.

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