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Beauty and the Beast was a smash-hit when it came out earlier this year, with our own site’s review saying the live-action remake smashed the bar. It’s certainly the kind of movie that plays well to a crowd, with an array of songs, old and new to enjoy. Next year, you’ll have the chance to see Beauty and the Beast live at the Bord Gáis Energy Theatre, with the film shown on the big screen with a full orchestra in attendance to play the film’s music. A similar experience is taking place next week at the theatre as they show La La Land, but if the music of Disney is more your thing, tickets are going on sale this Friday for screenings of the film that’ll be taking place next year.

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Director: Bill Condon Starring: Emma Watson, Dan Stevens Running Time: 129 minutes

It’s risky to revisit any story that people cherish, because going into it their expectations are sky high and their defences might be up. The reason that Harry Potter and the Cursed Child got so much hate isn’t necessarily because it’s bad, it’s because it wasn’t what fans expected. So, remaking Beauty and the Beast, a formative film for many of our childhoods, was an incredibly risky move. The bar was towering… And Disney smashed it.

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Starring: Emily Blunt, Rebecca Ferguson, Haley Bennett, Justin Theroux, Luke Evans Director: Tate Taylor Run Time: 112 min

The Girl on the Train is the latest psychological thriller to be adapted from a best-selling novel. Like Gone Girl before it the story deals with a missing wife, abusive husbands, and the dark secrets of suburban life. While The Girl On The Train‘s source material might have put a fresh spin on the general details, is that enough to set this film apart?

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