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Directors: Josh Gordon and Will Speck Starring: TJ Miller, Jason Bateman, Olivia Munn, Jennifer Anniston Running Time: 105 minutes

It is hard to muster much enthusiasm for the latest festive themed comedy, Office Christmas Party. With the stench of Bad Santa 2 still lingering, another trip to the dark side of Christmas does not seem so appealing. There is of course hope, with the film’s cast stacked to the rafters with reliable faces (Jason Bateman, Jenifer Aniston) and padded out with a seemingly endless list of recognizable comedy actors, Office Christmas Party, from the creative team behind Blades of Glory and The Hangover could at the very least deliver on the raunchy, rambunctious and wild antics promised in the trailer.  All the boxes are ticked in the 90 min run-time: drug use, profanity, alcohol, Christmas tree jousting…yet despite a game supporting cast and some enthusiastic direction, it all feels a bit aimless, safe and not particularly exceptional.

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Director: Paul Feig Starring: Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones Running Time: 116 minutes

Undesirable baggage has followed the Ghostbusters remake from the moment it was first announced. For some, the sheer horror of women being chosen to get slimed while putting ghosts in a box in a movie for children has prompted a lot of teeth gnashing, keyboard smashing and toys being thrown from the pram (though not literally, can’t depreciate the value of that fully poseable Peter Venkman). The level of vitriol is, of course, unwarranted. Lo and behold a Ghostbusters movie starring women did not lead to dogs and cats living together or anything of that sort but instead to a funny if inconsistent movie.

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