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Director: Trey Edward Shults Starring: Joel Edgerton, Christopher Abbott, Carmen Ejogo, Kelvin Harrison Jr., Riley Keough Running Time: 91 minutes

Shotguns getting cocked. Barking dogs. Barricaded houses. Cagey, distrustful men with southern accents. Fear of the dying and their blood and their viscera. Hiding infections. Arguments. Us or them. Shotguns getting shot.

It Comes at Night is not a film about zombies, but it’s undoubtedly a film that knows that its audience is familiar with zombie tropes, and that they can use them to follow the film’s path even as it obscures everything in darkness. When you’re as sick as the delirious, sore-covered grandfather who’s shown as this film opens, it’s immediately clear that a mercy kill is not too far away. When the environment is as tense and uncertain as what the audience sees here; a family of (recently) three hiding out in the woods after a contagious disease has ravaged the world, viewers know that almost always, human nature ends up being more dangerous than the literal threat. The last thing this equation needs is more people in it. So in, inevitably, they come.

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Director: Jeff Nichols Starring: Ruth Negga, Joel Edgerton Running Time: 123 minutes

In 1958, white construction worker Richard Loving and his black partner Mildred Jeter travelled from their home of Caroline County, Virginia to get married in Washington D.C. Richard planned to build a house for his pregnant wife a stone’s throw from her family home, but their efforts to make an ordinary life together were obstructed by the very homeland they wish to do so in, as Virginia’s racist “anti-miscegenation” laws see the two arrested, humiliated and shamed, forced by court order to take their marriage out of state or face imprisonment. The Loving’s case against this ruling’s rise to the Supreme Court and the eventual overturning of the anti-miscegenation laws were landmark moments in the ongoing fight for Civil Rights in America, but in Loving, director  Jeff Nichols eschews righteous legal drama for a decidedly grounded focus on the marriage at the heart of the matter.Read more…