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Following widespread confusion at the latest Covid-19 restrictions in the Republic of Ireland, the Department of the Taoiseach have stated as of this morning that “theatres (including cinemas)” are permitted to operate with 50 people without needing Govt approval. Clear as mud? With cinemas still operating, a campaign has launched in Ireland called #Lovecinema, a reminder to audiences of the wonder that film on the big screen has to offer.

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Culture Night returns to Ireland this Friday 21st September and once again it’s time for film fans throughout the county to get cultured, with a ton of events across the arts to enjoy. Venues and public spaces across the country are once again opening their doors to free evenings of entertainment. With live music, poetry, plenty of workshops, galleries and of course, film screenings, Culture Night 2018 is shaping up to a can’t miss night of entertainment. The usual suspects like the IFI and the Light House Cinema are involved once again, the always exciting spectacle of films being projected at Barnardo Square returns this year, and there are plenty of events all over for film folk to get inspired and tap into the wider world of Irish culture. We’ve put together an A-Z of events that may be of interest to film fans in Dublin this year for you to check out, along with what’s on, when, where and the websites. Happy hunting!

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Director: Faith Akin Starring: Diane Kruger, Denis Moschitto, Samia Chancrin Running Time: 106 minutes

In The Fade has a lot to offer its audience: a strong central performance from Diane Kruger, a moving story and compelling characters. Yet the film still lacks the power to stay with you once the credits roll. While easy to chew on throughout its reasonable runtime, director Faith Akin’s recent feature leaves you craving something a little more substantial.

The film, which won best foreign language feature at this year’s Golden Globes, tells the story of Katja (Diane Kruger), a German woman confronted with the tragic death of her husband and son following a terrorist attack. When suspects are discovered and brought to court, Katja battles with her need to exact revenge on the people who took her world from her. Should she leave the judicial system to their ways? Or, should she take matters into her own hands?

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Director: Sean Baker  Starring: Brooklyn Prince, Bria Vinaite, Willem Dafoe, Christopher Rivera, Caleb Landry Jones  Runtime: 115 Minutes

For decades, Disney World Florida has served as a cornerstone of childhoods and imaginations across the globe. Every year millions of visitors flood its ticket booths in search of the infamous “magic” that Disney has to offer. Within the park’s walls, guests are welcomed to a world unlike their own: castles stretch to dizzying heights, magnificent firework displays light up the night sky, and fairytales come to life before your very eyes.

Beyond its boundaries, however, the same magic and wonder is harder to find. In the theme park’s shadows, strip malls, run-down hotels and sun-drenched swampland stretch for miles. The families in the encompassing areas struggle to hold onto what little they have. It is in this economic wasteland that the modern face of homelessness shows itself. Families move desperately from hotel to hotel in search of permanent accommodation. Rising rents determine what little luxuries they can afford. Jobs are hard to come by.

It is this world, however, that 6-year old Moonee and her friends embrace as their own private wonderland. On the margins of Disneyland and, indeed, of life, the young children search for magic around every corner, oblivious to the harsh reality of their circumstances.

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Irish film duo AnneMarie Naughton and Andrew Burke have launched Rangle, a unique new digital platform that works to connect highly-skilled crew with production companies in real time.

Over the last 18 months (2016 until present), the Irish film industry is worth €193 million to the Irish economy (this is based on eligible expenditure over this period.) As of 2016, the film industry employed 6,700 Irish residents as cast or crew on film. *

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