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Clare Dunne’s Herself , the Closing Gala at this year’s Dublin International Film Festival  received rave reviews today at Sundance, a possible sign that we may already have the next great Irish film this decade with it only 25 days old. Further to that, the film’s festival success shows how Ireland’s international reputation is continuing to grow; programmers, distributors and viewers alike from all over the world are looking out for Irish talents more and more. The last ten years have seen our profile expand considerably, Hollywood stars like Saoirse Ronan and Colin Farrell are more acclaimed than ever, filmmakers are flocking to our island to make use of our beautiful locations and talented crews, it’s not all sweetness and sunshine but it’s been a good decade. It took a bit of mulling over, so strong was the fear of leaving great work out of a list of only ten, but at last here is Film In Dublin’s celebration of some of the best Irish films of the 2010s, classics that we’ll be going back to again and again.

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Director: Colm Quinn Featuring: Michael Flynn, Paul Kelly Running Time: 84 minutes

With his distinctive features, alliterative name and unwavering commitment to selling mattresses, ‘Mattress Mick’ has become a true Dublin character in the last few years. But what secrets does Mick keep under the mattress, or rather, what was behind the unlikely transformation of an aging bed salesman into a social media star? Mattress Men answers that question and more, looking beyond the quirky character of cheaply made Youtube videos into deeper issues of financial crisis and the issues that come from men tying their pride to their work.

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