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For years the Carlow Arts Festival has aimed to create a vibrant community in the Midlands fostering creativity, collaboration, innovation, participation, inclusion, diversity, and passion, but the Covid-19 Pandemic ensured that they were one of many endeavours in the arts who were forced to rethink their approach in 2020.

One of their efforts throughout the last month has been their Virtual Reality Cinema programme, which offered viewers the opportunity to replicate the experience of 360 degree filmmaking from the safety of their own home.

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Here in the fair city of film there isn’t a lot of opportunity to see films outside the old humdrum formats of 2D or 3D, not since the 7D cinema on Capel Street closed anwyay (Ds are expensive). Those interested in VR viewing however should check out the Virtual Reality Cinema program that’s part of the Carlow Arts Festival, taking place online throughout August.

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