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Director: Kim Jee-woon Starring: Song Kang-ho, Gong Yoo, Han Ji-min, Um Tae-goo Running time: 140 minutes

Twists and turns are prerequisites of the spy thriller and at times, it can be difficult to get into a film that telegraphs its surprises by the very genre. Many attempt to pull it off by being so convuluted in their plotting that firm grips on what makes sense, what doesn’t and whose side who is on become harder to maintain. Though with a talented filmmaker like Kim Jee-woon, the director of I Saw the Devil and The Good, The Bad and the Weird and one or the most well regarded names in Korean cinema, a film like The Age of Shadows can provide those thrills handily and more besides.

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The Rehearsal follows an exclusive, kind of pretentious, acting school for young adults in New Zealand. This runs parallel to the story of a teenage tennis star who sleeps with her Coach, causing a scandal that ripples through the local community. I Blodet (In the Blood) follows a group of four Danish students, trying to navigate through adult life. Both of these films slot into Male Melodrama, and in both the main protagonists start off as Toxic Men. Do they manage to redeem themselves?

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Director: Elisabeth Subrin Starring: Maggie Siff, Cara Seymour, John Ortiz Running time: 97 minutes

A Woman, A Part is visual nourishment. The performances are understated, the set and camera work graceful. The film is an intimate exploration of Anna, played by Maggie Siff who is best known for her roles in Mad Men and Sons of Anarchy respectively, as she struggles to decide whether she is giving too much of herself to her acting or is simply paying her dues. Anna returns to New York for “a real break, not a work break, not a charity drive, not a cleanse” on the advice of her concerned agent. While there, she has to face former acting partners and friends Kate and Isaac, who are still raw from her abandoning them in the middle of a show way back when.

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