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The hits keep coming with Pretty Deadly Films. The latest issue of our zine is themed around Bangers, Bops & Needle Drops, the best of music in movies. And while you can get a digital download now for pay-what-you-can prices, if you order a physical copy there’s something even more special in store for you. What’s a magazine without a free gift attached after all? Ask your newsagent.

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This autumn will see cinema come back full circle to Dublin 8. The Circular Bar will once again be offering a selection of screenings as the Rialto Cinema Club resumes business biweekly from September and October.


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The full programme has been announced for GAZE 2021. Dublin’s biggest LGBTQ+ film festival revealed the full list of films on offer for this year’s return to cinemas, all set to take place from 29 September – 3 October.

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The summer issue of Film In Dublin’s zine Pretty Deadly Films is out now. School’s out for summer and we’re getting that bell ringing feeling.

Our zine celebrates the best of blockbusters, cult hits and fave films, where the pretty and the deadly do things that are pretty deadly. On film.

Issue Six – School’s Out For Summer is available now and this issue features:

Original art by Brian Burke and Jess Dunne

A recipe for a Breakfast Club Sandwich by Luke Dunne

An essay on excitement and melancholy in Teen Movies by Ciara Moloney

A list of queer coming-of-age stories by Francesco Barri

An essay on the 2017 Power Rangers reboot and its truer to life teens by Graham Day

Your guide to teens texting that slashers are after them this summer


Take a look at Film In Dublin’s Gumroad page and get your copy now. You can get a digital download for your PDF copy of PDF for pay-what-you-can pricing HERE. Or if you’d like a hard copy sent right to your door, take a look HERE.

Stay tuned for more bits, bobs and info on our summer issue of Pretty Deadly Films.

In the most recent issue of our zine Pretty Deadly Films, illustrator Amy Lauren McGrath contributed an art piece on Scarface under our theme of ‘Reboots, Returns, Revivals’. Film In Dublin and Amy are now making a limited run of A4 prints of this piece available, with all proceeds going to support medical relief in Palestine.

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Sri Lankan-born artist Paul Weerasekera has been living in Ireland for 25 years and recently moved to Dublin having spent most of that time in Limerick. Trained as an architect, Weerasekera also studied art and design in the UK, before making his way over here, and the artist currently teaches in both Limerick and Dublin.  His most recent series of paintings, ‘CINEMA’, transports famous movie characters onto canvas and has been on display at Filmbase as part of Dub Web Fest. The exhibition ends with the festival tomorrow, but all of the paintings from this exhibition remain available for purchase, with proceeds aiding the Irish Cancer Society. From old Hollywood icons like John Wayne to Christopher Nolan’s take on Batman, Paul Weerasekera’s paintings cover a wide range of Hollywood history. We have a gallery after the jump with just some of the paintings that make up the ‘CINEMA’ exhibition.

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If there’s one thing that Quentin Tarantino is known for (apart from his love of feet), it’s his ability to craft unforgettable imagery. Whether it’s a blood-splattered tableau or dancing in a diner, Tarantino and his cinematographers are always guaranteed to come together and make beautiful images that linger long in the memory. What’s more, the movies of Quentin Tarantino always have great posters, hardly a surprise given how the ‘coming soon’ posters of the grungy grindhouse and video store are so firmly part of the Tarantino aesthetic. Everybody knows someone who had a Reservoir Dogs poster on their wall in college and if you don’t, chances are it was a Pulp Fiction poster. With that in mind it’s hardly surprising that artists from around the world would be inspired to make fan posters of their own for Tarantino’s movies. To mark the Sugar Club’s ongoing Tarantino Week, we’ve collected some of the best fan posters around based on the movies of Quentin Tarantino. The most fitting tribute that can be given to these is that they would have made just as good posters as the originals. Enjoy the gallery.

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