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If you’re like us you’ve been making your way through the latest Netflix show Stranger ThingsIt’s combination of Spielberg style charm and John Carpenter style mood have created a hit that we just can’t help binge-watching. Opening in Irish cinemas August 26th is Irish documentary Strange Occurences In A Small Irish Village, Aoife Kelleher’s look at life in the religious pilgrimage site of Knock, Co. Mayo. And, well, both these things have the word ‘strange’ in the title, which is honestly a stronger basis for a mash-up video than you usually see on the internet. Check out this ‘trailer’ that combines the two here:

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Director: Aoife Kelleher  Release Date: Aug 26th  Run Time: 90 mins

Strange Occurrences in a Small Irish Village is the latest documentary from Aoife Kelleher, Director of the award winning One Million Dubliners.

The small village in question is Knock, Co Mayo.  One dark evening in August of 1879 this rural Irish town was host to an apparition of none other than the Virgin Mary herself.  It is said that she appeared outside the local parish church, along with Saint Joseph, Saint John, a host of angels, and the Lamb of God, for a period of up to two hours.  Multiple passers-by would claim to have witnessed the vision.  And so, after a series of inquiries into the occurrence, the site was declared a Marian Shrine by the Catholic Church.

Today, the town is host to over one million pilgrims each year, bringing business, religious validation, and a sense of purpose to the local community.  The documentary provides a window into the mindset of those whose lives it impacts most.Read more…