Enter the Dragon Enters Dublin on June 30th

This coming Friday is already the last of the month (how on Earth are we already looking into July?) and that means that Grindhouse Dublin will once again be taking a cult classic straight out of a grimy picture house down a 70’s side street in New York and transporting it to the modern day, and the considerably nicer setting of the Light House Cinema. This month, Grindhouse Dublin will be showing one of the all time great martial arts movies, Bruce Lee’s beloved and innovative Enter the Dragon.

Though Enter the Dragon was edited for its original release in the UK and Ireland – it’s use of “offensive weapons” (most notably the use of nunchakus) deemed too violent for our delicate eyes – Grindhouse Dublin will be screening the film’s original cut, following their usual selection of grindhouse trailers and old-school advertisements.  we will be screening the film fully uncut.

Launching a craze for kung fu movies almost single-handedly in the United States, Enter the Dragon is one of the most iconic cult films of the 1970’s. It solidified Bruce Lee’s status as a pop culture icon in the west, despite unfortunately being his final film before his untimely death at the age of 32 and it also turned karate champion-turned-actor Jim Kelly into a Blaxploitation star. Even Jackie Chan can be seen in a small role in the film as a minion getting his neck snapped by Bruce, the beginning of a long career that now sees Jackie apparently taking on the IRA, going by the trailer for his most recent film The Foreigner.

Bruce Lee stars as Lee a member of the Shaolin Temple tasked by the British secret service with infiltrating the island of the nefarious Han (Shih Kien), a renegade monk, now plying his trade in the Opium and slave trades. Lee soon learns that Han’s men tried to abduct his sister, which led to her suicide. Now with the added personal vendetta, Lee travels to Han’s island along with his allies Roper (John Saxon) and Williams (Jim Kelly),  who both have their own set of problems to deal with. Now it’s up to Lee to get them out alive, taking on an invincible army in the process. Luckily, Lee’s amazing skills come right out a comic book.




Enter The Dragon will be shown at Light House Cinema on Friday 30th June at 10:30pm and tickets are still available, at a price of €10.00 for a standard ticket and €8.00 for students.

Tickets €10.00 – Students €8.00

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