Dracula Swoops On The National Concert Hall

For many people, the minute August ends is officially the start of Halloween season, with pumpkin spice and all things spooky popping up instantly. Those early starters will want to save Saturday October 29th as soon as possible, as that night the National Concert Hall is presenting one of the all-time great horror films, the 1931 version of Dracula, starring the great Bela Lugosi.

As part of the annual Bram Stoker Festival, ‘Dracula Live’ will be presenting one of the most famous versions of Bram Stoker’s classic tale, screened with a new score written and performed live by Seán Mac Erlaine, Matthew Nolan and Sharon Phelan of Ireland and Eivind Aarset of Norway. An iconic film like Dracula begs to be seen on the big screen and a live musical accompaniment will help to bring its eerie atmosphere to new audiences. One of the staples of Unvirsal’s great horror movies of the 1930s, Dracula was made right around the transition from silent film to sound. Technical limitations of the time meant that no score was specifically composed for the film on its initial release, so hearing modern musicians interpret the visuals of the film is a great way to breath new life into this old classic, pretty appropriate given the subject matter we’re sure you’ll agree.

Tickets are still available for €27 from the National Concert Hall, but every single event put on for the Bram Stoker Festival sold out in 2015 and festival organisers expect the same again this year, so Dracula fans will want to be like a bat out of hell booking their place for this revoicing of classic cinema.


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