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If like me, you spend too much of your time mindlessly scrolling through Twitter, you may have seen videos of kids who improbably love Michael Myers, the iconic indestructible mass murderer from the Halloween series. It’s October, which means these videos are more likely to find their way to your timeline, but it does seem striking that so many pre-teen kids are so into the hulking, homicidal Shape. They dance with Michael Myers, they wear his mask, they hug him, they freak out with joy when he comes to their birthday party. But Michael Myers is terrifying, right? Why would small children imprint so cutely onto someone that is, in the words of leading health professional Doctor Loomis, “simply evil”?


The latest film in the franchise Halloween Kills is in cinemas now, and while we could give you a review, an editorial decision has been made that it is more important to mitigate your confusion if you find yourself sharing a cinema row with a group of tiny Myers stans. What are they doing there, you’ll wonder. Don’t they know this film is rated 18s? Where are the parents? Michael Myers is terrorising Jamie Lee Curtis again on screen right now…so why are they flossing??

It sounds like a bone-chilling prospect. But to mitigate any fears that you might have about being swarmed by a murderous pack of killer-worshippers, your final, blood-choked screams being turned into cute viral content, read this and be put at ease. It’s all very innocent really. Here are the five reasons why kids love Michael Myers.
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The hits keep coming with Pretty Deadly Films. The latest issue of our zine is themed around Bangers, Bops & Needle Drops, the best of music in movies. And while you can get a digital download now for pay-what-you-can prices, if you order a physical copy there’s something even more special in store for you. What’s a magazine without a free gift attached after all? Ask your newsagent.

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Irish horror is having a moment and as big fans of the genre, we’re thrilled to see films like The Hole in the Ground and The Boys From County Hell pick up notice overseas, both for the qualities of the films themselves and for the talents involved in making them. Joining their ranks soon will be changeling chiller You Are Not My Mother, the debut feature film of Kate Dolan, director of Catcalls and many a class local music video on the Irish scene. The film is set for its world premiere later this year as an Official Selection of the Toronto International Film Festival. It will be shown as part of the prestigious festival’s Midnight Madness programme, a raucous night screening the best in action, horror, shock and fantasy cinema. The film is one of only six selected for Midnight Madness this year from around the world.
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The summer issue of Film In Dublin’s zine Pretty Deadly Films is out now. School’s out for summer and we’re getting that bell ringing feeling.

Our zine celebrates the best of blockbusters, cult hits and fave films, where the pretty and the deadly do things that are pretty deadly. On film.

Issue Six – School’s Out For Summer is available now and this issue features:

Original art by Brian Burke and Jess Dunne

A recipe for a Breakfast Club Sandwich by Luke Dunne

An essay on excitement and melancholy in Teen Movies by Ciara Moloney

A list of queer coming-of-age stories by Francesco Barri

An essay on the 2017 Power Rangers reboot and its truer to life teens by Graham Day

Your guide to teens texting that slashers are after them this summer


Take a look at Film In Dublin’s Gumroad page and get your copy now. You can get a digital download for your PDF copy of PDF for pay-what-you-can pricing HERE. Or if you’d like a hard copy sent right to your door, take a look HERE.

Stay tuned for more bits, bobs and info on our summer issue of Pretty Deadly Films.

Rogue Aurora (She/Her) is a Drag Queen from Dublin who has a love for glamour, alternative fashion and the macabre. Unable to showcase her drag during lockdown, Rogue did what a lot of people did and turned to the internet where she would stream video games in full drag, take part in digital drag shows with other performers from all over the world and eventually start a YouTube channel where she regularly uploads videos of herself doing her makeup while discussing horror movies.

Film In Dublin caught up with Rogue to have a chat about some of her Movie Memories, horror origins, starting a Youtube channel and more.

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The latest information is that cinemas will be open again at reduced capacity from June 7th. While news, reviews and events in the fair city of film remain a little thinner on the ground, Film In Dublin is still taking an occasional look at What’s On…The Shelf, taking a deeper dive in to some of the films in their personal collections. This time, Luke Dunne sings the praises of unjustly forgotten 90s family film, Mouse Hunt.

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Many a movie lover in the fair city of film is dying for the day when cinemas are back open again, but as we all know, a cinema is only as good as its programming. At the Light House Cinema in Smithfield and the Pálas in Galway, that selection is curated by Charlene Lydon, a genuine buff with a storied career and a fine eye for film. 

In the latest Movie Memories, Film In Dublin spoke with Charlene to get more info on her own background, the secrets to a good slate of cinema and her hopes for the future as the chance of a return to Screen 1 becomes an ever so slightly bright light projected on the end of a long, uncertain tunnel.

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