And Introducing…The Breakout Role Podcast

Film In Dublin is excited to announce our new podcast project, with writers Luke and Jessica Dunne set to begin a new podcast starting in July, the Breakout Role Podcast.

Jess and Luke will be playing judge, jury and executioners for Hollywood icons as they look back at their first starring roles. Some of these break outs to the big time are well-known successes, while others are forgotten failures their stars would rather keep hidden, outside of chat show anecdotes…

Break Out Role Podcast

You can get a pilot preview of the Break Out Role format by listening to Luke and Jess guest star on the 250 Podcast, in which Darren Mooney and Andrew Quinn go through the IMDB lists of the top 250 and bottom 100 movies of all time. Luke and Jess were invited on to talk about The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation featuring Renée Zellweger in her first lead performance, as well as an early look at Matthew McConaughey…we’ll let you guess for yourselves if it’s on the best or worst list. You can listen to the 250 Podcast here, and get a sneak preview of Luke and Jess talking about these break out stars below.

The Breakout Role Podcast will launch its first episode in July 2019, looking at Nicolas Cage as he features in the 80s teen romcom, Valley Girl. Episodes will be archived here on Film In Dublin, so be sure to check in as we decide, did your Hollywood favourites deserve to break out, or should we lock them back up in Struggling Actor Jail and throw away the key?

Follow the Breakout Role Podcast on Twitter and Instagram at @breakoutrolepod

Luke Dunne
About me

Luke is a writer, film addict and Dublin native who loves how much there is for film fans in his home county. A former writer for FilmFixx and the Freakin' Awesome Network, he founded Film In Dublin to pursue his dual dreams of writing about film and never sleeping ever again.


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