Run don’t walk to On The Run season at the Light House

Sticking together is what friends, and good waffles, do. Next week on at the Light House Cinema, you and your friends will be glued to the seats for a series of fun, frenetic and thrilling films about folks on the run from the law. Go on the lam this Spring with the Light House and Galway’s Pálás for their On The Run Season.

Inspired by the upcoming releases of Drive Away Dolls and Love Lies Bleeding, the cinemas have assembled a season of some of their favourite fugitive films! On The Run begins on March 24, with 8 classics screening in Dublin through until April 14.

There’s nothing the movies like more than a fugitive. Whether it is running from the law, a dangerous ex, poor choices or an evil psychopath, there’s drama to be found in all of these situations. Sometimes our heroes and heroines are innocent but sometimes not, and we find ourselves rooting for them all the same. Inspired by two new releases – Ethan Coen’s Drive Away Dolls and Rose Glass’ Love Lies Bleeding – we’ve put together some of our favourites. So, put the pedal to the metal, steel yourself for a game of cat and mouse and get ready to run for your life…

Light House Cinema

From classic noir to French New Wave, New Hollywood breakthroughs and 80s cult classics, the selection is stacked. Godard, Ridley Scott, the Coen Brothers and more are well represented in this exploration of escapees. Tickets for On The Run are on sale now from the Light House Cinema and from Pálás for you Galway readers. Check out the full list of films screening in Dublin below.

Thelma & Louise

Sun 24 Mar


Midnight Run

Wed 27 Mar



Sat 30 Mar


The Harder They Come

Sun 31 Mar


Bonnie and Clyde

Mon 01 Apr


No Country For Old Men

Tue 02 Apr



Sun 07 Apr


Gun Crazy

Sun 14 Apr


artwork by Conor Merriman

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