Sugar Club hosting fundraiser in solidarity with Palestine: “1948: Creation & Catastrophe”

An upcoming event at the Sugar Club on Leeson Street aims to raise funds in solidarity with Palestine. The Sila Community, aiming to build connections and celebrate MENA culture in Ireland one event at a time, will host their first film screening on Monday 6th November.

The Sugar Club will be host to a screening of the documentary film 1948: Creaton & Catastrophe. The unfolds the tumultuous events of 1948 through raw and personal narratives of Palestinians and Israelis who lived it.

Co-directed by filmmaker Andy Trimlett and Ahlam Muhtaseb, a professor of media studies at California State University, San Bernardino, the film provides first hand accounts of 1948 and the Nabka from veterans, refugees, survivors and historians.

The film, released in 2017, was produced also by Ami Asher, a Hebrew-English translator and language editor specialising in the humanities, social sciences and the NGO sector. He is an activist in Zochrot – an NGO dedicated to raise Israeli Jews’ awareness of the Nakba. The organisation provide tours of Israeli towns, which include taking displaced Palestinians back to the areas they fled or were expelled from in 1948 and afterwards.

All proceeds from the screening will be going to the Palestinian Children Relief Funds (PCRF) and the screening will be starting from 7.30pm. Bites are included in the ticket price for the event, with tickets available now from The Sugar Club for €35.

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