Popcorn at the Irish Film Institute – Everything you need to know


The IFI announced yesterday a long awaited addition to the Institution. The Dublin cinema will now be offering popcorn and concessions at the box office.

New visitors to the Temple Bar cinema have been surprised over the years at the lack of traditional concessions on offer, but now in addition to the food on offer at the IFI’s cafe, popcorn and soft drinks can be purchased on site to bring into the screen, rather than surreptitiously sneaking them in your bag.

Not that we would ever do such a thing.

In the challenging marketplace and with ticket sales to split with distributors, concessions are an enormous part of how cinemas make their money. The delicious confection will now allow the IFI a pop at the extra money that popcorn provides, allowing them to continue their vital role in preserving, protecting and showcasing cinema from Ireland and abroad, through the ages.

Acting Head of Marketing at the IFI, Frances Wilde, told Film In Dublin how pleased the IFI were to announce the big news.

The IFI is delighted to begin offering popcorn and concessions at our Box Office from July 2023 onward. We’re committed to keeping our focus on arthouse cinema ambience, while providing comfort and snacks for everyone.

This decision is integral in keeping our doors open without affecting the IFI opening hours or programming choices; we must remain financially viable as we continue to recover from the impact Covid has had on our industry.

Some have sent their condolences to the staff at the IFI for the cleaning work ahead of them, but Frances is confident the team can handle it.

Our staff have been fully trained, our cleaning will be comprehensive, in particular across this incredibly busy period with Oppenheimer screening on 70mm and Barbie opening this Friday.

The move will be popular with cinema-goers in the fair city of film, and Frances believes it will add to the IFI’s benefits and ensure an even better experience.

Offering our high quality popcorn and concessions also enables us to control the food environment in-cinema, and prevents the likelihood of external food and beverages being brought into the venue.

We are committed to keeping our cinema experience as accessible as possible to all, with our IFI 22 & Under card offering €5 cinema tickets to 16-22 year olds, and our ticket prices remaining competitive, but in order to do so, we’re bringing 21st century upgrades to our 18th century home, to retain profit margins in other areas.

Frances Wilde, Acting Head of Marketing, Irish Film Institute

Popcorn will be available at the IFI for €5.50, while drinks including Coca Cola and San Pellegrino can be purchased for €3. Still and sparkling water costs €2.50. Combo deals are available too.

The popcorn is already available as of yesterday afternoon, so the next time you’re over, pop on over to the box office for that salty goodness. This is huge. This is history.

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