Ireland’s first sex worker film festival is currently fundraising

This October will see Red Umbrella Film Festival take place as Ireland’s first-ever sex worker film festival. Taking place 19th – 22nd October 2023 in Dublin, RUFF is organised by a collective of current and former sex workers and aims to be a celebratory as well as informative festival, with films, workshops, panel discussions, and performances on offer to uplift the sex worker community and create conversation and community around the issues sex workers face in Ireland and internationally through film. The festival is currently going through a fundraiser going toward the launch, closing in on 50% of their goal to fund their debut on the scene of the fair city of film.

The four-day festival this October will include feature films and shorts, panel discussions, workshops, and a Saturday night performance and dance party. By creating space for sex workers’ stories, Red Umbrella’s aims are to challenge stigma and shame, fight for safety and self-determination, and build towards a decriminalised future.

All funds raised by the festival itself will go towards the launch of a street-based sex worker collective.

Live now, fundraiser is attempting to raise €5000 for the costs of the festival. Currently just over €2000, they’re on the way to being half-funded, and donations will go a long way to covering the costs:

  • To pay film rights
  • Venue hire
  • Ensure accessibility (covering childcare, travel costs for sex workers, Covid safety measures etc.)
  • To pay speakers and performers, to prioritise sex workers doing the festival’s panels, performances and workshops

More info on RUFF is available in their crowdfunder video below or by checking out the Red Umbrella Film Festival website.

Donations can be made now HERE. With the programme still in development, interested filmmakers and performers can submit a film or propose a panel discussion, workshop, or performance by contacting:

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