Video Vista presents a Very Healthy Selection this summer

Starting this summer, new programmers on the block Video Vista are hosting double-bill revival cinema events. See cult classics and old favourites screened in the fair city of film every month, as Daniel at Video Vista digs into the archive of VHS, Blurays and DVDs to present a wide vista of videos at these BYO bottle events, the first of which takes place this Thursday.

Thursday 15th June will see the very first Video Vista event, “Monsters”. They’ll be pairing Wes Craven’s marvelous meta-horror New Nightmare, a still very modern take on Freddy Kruger and co from 1994, alongside the Coen Brothers’ debut noir from ten years prior, Blood Simple. The screening will be taking place at the Ireland Institute on Pearse Street, kicking off from 6.30pm.

Before Craven’s own Scream brought meta horror to the mainstram, he explored similar ideas using his then most popular horror series, Nightmare on Elm Street. Wes Craven’s New Nightmare brings Freddy Kruegr into the real world, haunting the cast and crew involved in the making of the films about him.

In the Coens’ first feature film, Abby (Frances Mcdormand) is cheating on her bar owner husband, Marty (Dan Hedaya) with Ray (John Getz) one of the bartenders. Marty uncovers their sordid affair and is so enraged by their deceit that he hires Visser (M. Emmet Walsh), an unscrupulous detective, to kill both of them. Unbeknown to Marty, Visser had other, more lucrative plans of his own. So begins a calculating round of lies round of lies and deceit that build to a chilling, suspense filled climax.

Video Vista have a Bring Your Own Bottle policy for screenings, so get something nice and chilled to bring over for a nice chill cinema screening. For their first double-bill offering, they’re asking for donations only to attend on the night.

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