Find pieces of Jennifer’s Body on screen with Honey Pot Club and Slaughterhouse Dublin

If you’ve ever wanted to see Diablo Cody’s teen horror classic Jennifer’s Body back on the big screen, you’ve got a Hole new way to do it this June. Honey Pot Club and Slaughterhouse Dublin will be hosting a screening in time for Pride season, with movies and music coming together and serving a good cause in the process.

The Dublin club night made by and for gay girls (and friends) is back on Thursday 22nd June, as Honey Pot Club pair up with Slaughterhouse Dublin, cult horror cultivators. They’ll be taking control of the Complex Depot venue for a special screening and club night. A modern classic of Good For Her Horror, Jennifer’s Body will be screened on the night.

Written by Cody and directed by Karyn Kusama, Jennifer’s Body has rightly risen in esteem since its 2009 release. Jennifer ( Megan Fox) becomes possessed and turns into a succubus after she is sacrificed to Satan. When Anita (Amanda Seyfried) discovers Jennifer’s new violent streak, she sets out to stop her best friend, who’s adamant that her reign of terror isn’t so bad because she isn’t killing people, she’s killing boys.

Before the film Honey Pot co-founder Rhyzine will be playing some tunes and afterwards there will be a DJ set by Roo Honeychild.

All profits from this evening will be going straight to Trans Harm Reduction, a volunteer-run grassroots org aiding trans people in Ireland and Scotland. Tickets are €14 plus fees and are available now from Eventbrite:



RHYZINE 18:30 – 19:30

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