Ireland’s next gen next week at the National Film School IADT Class of 23 Showcase

The National Film School, IADT is showcasing the talents of the class of 2023 at the Lighthouse Cinema, Smithfield on Tuesday, 30th of May from 10am to 1pm. The screening includes seven graduate short films, a graduate multicam lifestyle television production and a Kino Eyes masters short film. After the event there will be drinks reception at the nearby Cobblestone Pub.

The National Film School at the Institute of Art, Design and Technology (IADT) in Dun Laoghaire, County Dublin is one of the top choices for studying film. The National Film School is renowned for its high class programs in film production, animation, screenwriting, photography and design for film. It provides students with access to state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, industry connections, and a highly respected faculty. The National Film School has a track record of producing successful alumni
who have made significant contributions to the film industry both in Ireland and further afield. The accomplishments of its graduates reflect the quality of education and training provided by the institution, adding to its reputation.

The programme for the showcase includes the following films:

AMŒBA, directed and written by Ian Fallon and produced by Thomas Purdy, is a queer psychological thriller which follows Levi as his reality begins to crumble and his unrequited feelings for an old crush eat away at him.

Written and directed by Tadgh McDonogh Cunningham, Vixen explores the life of Nuria and Calvin as their relationship is tested when Calvin’s ex reappears in their lives. The question is will they stay together or is this the beginning of the end?

With Love, from Aidan is a dark satirical family drama written and directed by Reuben Harvey and produced by Jack Leach. With AI becoming more prominent in our lives Reuben wanted to portray this through Aidan, an experiential AI who has an unsettling realisation that shatters his digital existence.

Hereunder, written and directed by Greg O’Reilly is a surrealist black comedy which follows a gallery owner that must prove his innocence to insurers and his own brother when fraud investigators come knocking at his closet door. This film was co-produced by Aisha Bolaji and George Green.

Upstyle is a unique fashion show directed and coproduced by Kelly Lane with the help of her coproducer Jess Lyons which embodies the idea of sustainable fashion. Upstyle is fashion reborn! You get to join contestants as they turn old clothes into fabulous sustainable fashion in a race against climate change. With diverse pairs, epic designs, and mentors to impress, it’s style with a purpose.

How to Skin a Cheetah is a dark coming of age tale directed by Meghan O’Shaugnessy and co-written alongside her co-writer and producer Thomas Purdy. Bobby’s tales of hunting game on the plains of Tanzania inspire a sinister side in her mollycoddled co-worker Lucas.

We’re Blood written and directed by Andy Sherlow and produced by Julia Geogre, explores the question of morality as Tommy idolises his big brother JJ, but when he finds out he violently assaulted his ex, will he risk everything, including his integrity, to save his brother?

End of the World Tour is a coming of age dramedy which follows superfan Kemi as she faces heartbreak when the boyband sensation WHYNOT announces their split. She sets out to meet the band’s frontman, well quite frankly the love of her life, one last time, causing a clash with her religious mother. This film was co-written by director, Aisha Bolaji alongside Lucille Carolan and produced by Jack Leach.

Below the Window is a psychological drama which showcases the talent of the 2023 Kino Eyes masters programme. Directed by Salvador Alejandro Gutiérrez and written by Nusrat Islam Maati ‘Below the Window’ follows a new mother’s descent as she is triggered by the arrival of a mysterious wayfarer. This project was produced by Katniss Tung Cheng.

Today’s graduates are tomorrow’s film festival regulars, with several of the names above already familiar to those in the know in the Irish cinema scene. If you’re interested in seeing these upcoming works, you can RSVP HERE to attend the showcase.

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