Spotlight on the IFI Spotlight 2023

The IFI Spotlight is the Institute’s annual event to explore the Irish industry. A series of panels, presentations and discussions lets the local scene take stock of where Irish film is at, and the lastest edition takes place this month on Wednesday 26th April. The IFI Spotlight 2023 will take a look back at the last year of film production, discuss the important area of employment standards in the Irish film industry and look at the role of older women on screen for Irish film and television.

The 11th IFI Spotlight will be a full morning event, allowing time for audience feedback. Beginning at 10am on the 26th, the Spotlight aims to provide a forum for new critical perspectives on the landscape from film and TV practitioners, funders, academics and others. 

 “IFI Spotlight continues to provide a much-needed forum for an annual, critical review of film and TV work from cultural, industrial and economic perspectives  and this year’s dynamic series of panels should prove as valuable to the industry as it is of interest to consumers.” 

Sunniva O’Flynn, IFI Head of Irish Film Programming

Starting with a review of the year by Dr Tony Tracy (University of Galway) and Dr Roderick Flynn (DCU), the day will also look at new trends in production reflecting on industry strengths and weaknesses which will aid future policy-making in respect of the arts. 

A panel discussion will look at employment standards in the Irish Screen Industry, while Dr Susan Liddy will host a conversation with female actors and creatives to consider challenges faced by women on screen beyond middle age.

Tickets priced at €5 are available from now.

IFI Spotlight 2023 will include:

A Year in Review

Dr Tony Tracy (NUIG) and Dr Roderick Flynn (DCU) present their invaluable, annual survey of what has been produced for big and small screens, notable trends, and outstanding achievements.

Crews Control?  – Employment Standards in the Irish Screen Industry

This panel will discuss employment quality within the Irish screen industry, drawing on academic research and the industry survey published in the recent report, The Cultural Dividend Generated by Ireland’s Film and Television Incentive, commissioned by Screen Ireland.

The panel will be led by Dr Denis Murphy (TCD), who will be joined by Emer MacAvin (Skills Development Team, Screen Ireland), Kayleigh Hughes (Olsberg•SPI) , and a screen guilds representative.

Something’s Got to Give: Older Women and the Screen

Dr Susan Liddy (editor of the forthcoming Women, Ageing and the Screen Industries: Falling off a cliff?) will host a conversation with female actors and creatives to consider challenges faced by women on screen beyond middle age. Research findings provide evidence of gendered age bias in on-screen representation and the gradual reduction of meaningful storylines and central roles available to women over the age of 45 who are traditionally cast as mere foils to younger, more complex, usually male, characters.  This session will consider correctives to such exclusionary practice and will celebrate the achievements of mature female practitioners who resist restrictive social and cultural barriers in their work.

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