GALPAL Collective comes to IFI with ‘Directed by Her’

Creating art and connections, the GALPAL Collective is dedicated to community cultivation and the creation highlighting of works by queer folk, POC, migrants and women in Ireland. Founded by writer Ashley Chadamoyo Makombe and director Aisha Bolaji in 2020, the Collective have continued to expand their efforts, and next week they’re hosting a special screening together with the Irish Film Institute for International Women’s Day.

The talents of female filmmakers will be showcased on Wednesday March 8th at the IFI, with ‘Directed by Her’, presented and programmed by the GALPAL Collective. A selection of short form work, including narrative fiction, documentaries, experimental films, and music videos all directed by women will be shown at this event. The ‘Directed by Her’ programe is currated by Bolaji and Lisa Dempsey to highlight the work of women directors in Ireland. Following this selection, Ashley Chadamoyo Makombe will host a panel discussion, ‘Directed by Her: The Art of Creating’ alongside some of the evening’s directors. Drinks and chats wil ensue afterwards in the IFI reception.  

Tickets for this event, which starts from 6pm next Wednesday, are available now from the IFI.

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