St. Vincent mockumentary The Nowhere Inn is March’s Bigger Picture at IFI

The Irish Film Institute’s Bigger Picture always offers an intriguing eye into an alternative film canon. In the monthly programme, the IFI presents a film introduced by a special guest offering their selection, and March’s entry is an exciting offering for alt music heads. Pillow Queens’ Sarah Corcoran will introduce an underseen film by another musician, showing St. Vincent’s film The Nowhere Inn.

Annie Clark, better known as St. Vincent, and Carrie Brownstein, familiar to some as a founding member of the mighty Sleater-Kinney and to others as co-creator of Portlandia, write, produce and star in a comic mockumentary determined to subvert all notions of the glitz and glamour of rock ‘n’ roll. Brownstein plays the director hired to film behind-the-scenes footage on the musician’s tour only to discover the disconnect between the dominant persona St. Vincent exhibits onstage and the mundane life of Scrabble-loving Annie Clark offstage. As Brownstein encourages Clark to embrace her inner diva, the personal and professional relationship between the two descends into chaos.

The Nowhere Inn will be showing at the IFI on Tuesday 7th March and tickets are available now.

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