Small Trans Film Club goes live and online this November

The Small Trans Library is a small lending library of trans-authored books for trans people, with branches in Dublin and Glasgow. Later this month, they’ll be expanding their efforts into the world of film, with a screening of short films telling Irish trans stories. Shorts from a variety of filmmakers will be available to view free on November 20th at the Small Trans Film Club.

The event will mark Trans Awareness Week, to help raise visibility about transgender people and address issues members of the community face. TENI and the GAZE International LGBT Film Festival are working with the Small Trans Library Dublin to debut their Small Trans Film Club.

For this inaugural screening the Film Club will be showing a selection of Irish short films created by trans artists and telling trans stories, including recollections of youth in years gone, fights for survival in the present, and reconnections between the past traditions and future generations of Irish culture.

This event will occur in person and online, with two of the shorts serving as in-person exclusives. The in-person event will be limited to 50 tickets due to venue capacity. Online attendees will receive a link to the screening on the day, which will be available to watch until midnight. The live viewings will be taking place at the TENI offices, 10 Ellis Quay Dublin, starting from 6.30pm on the 20th.


PUNCH LINE (10m, dir. Becky Cheatle)

On the eve of a transphobic attack, a transgender comedian processes her feeling the only way she knows how: through stand up comedy.

BOXED IN (10m, dir. Caleb Roberts & Peter Young)

Struggling to earn the respect of his older brother Niall, AJ begins hanging around Niall’s boxing circuit to prove himself no matter the cost.

CAILÍN ÁLAINN (11m, dir. Megan K. Fox)

A tender bi-lingual drama about a transgender teen’s first outing as herself at a cross dress disco in the Gaeltacht.


WHERE DO ALL THE OLD GAYS GO? (19m, dir. Cathy Dunne)

Members of the older LGBTQIA+ community living in Ireland speak openly and honestly about what resonates with them, not only from their past but their future.

HOMEBIRD (12m, dir. Caleb J. Roberts)

Conor returns to his hometown after dropping out of university across the water, meeting up with his father for a tense reunion on the town’s seafront.

Tickets are available now for free HERE.

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