Super Gairdín 7th exhibition of our Pallas Projects/Studios2022 AIP programme

Pallas Projects/Studios will be presenting work by Cóilín O’Connell and Michelle Doyle—Super Gairdín the seventh exhibition of their 2022 Artist-Initiated Projects programme.

A not-for-profit artist-run organisation dedicated to the facilitation of artistic production and discourse, via the provision of affordable artists studios in Dublin’s city centre, and curated projects. Collaborating with artists, curators and writers to engage and develop current Irish contemporary art, through solo projects by Irish and international artists, alongside occasional thematic group exhibitions, and initiated exchanges with artists’ groups around Ireland and abroad, Pallas are sharing culture in the Coombe, and next week they’ll be presenting new video work.

Cóilín O’Connell and Michelle Doyle’s Super Gairdín concerns divine spirits, landscape, language, and nature. Taking cues from the folk horror tradition, the film is set in a desolate garden centre, a space where the landscape is held indefinitely. A figure wanders the aisles of saplings, chancing upon a long forgotten rock deity; the Cailleach.

The Cailleach is capable of great forces, summoning nature at will and throwing rocks from her apron. She contemplates the various narratives that surround her existence in lore and the difficulty of translating her powers into Béarla. She views mankind with hatred and will soon enact her revenge.

The film aims to explore art making through Irish and is the first bilingual piece by O’Connell and Doyle, positing Irish as a perfect language for cultural production and artistic experimentation. The gallery opens from Thursday 13th October.

Opening reception: 6–8pm Thursday 13th October

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Exhibition continues: Friday 14st– Saturday 29th October

Gallery open: 12–6pm, Thursday–Saturday

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