access>CINEMA promises ‘Big Screens, Bigger Communities, Biggest Stories’

Exhibition organisation access>CINEMA are stepping up their work in bringing cultural cinema across the country with a new campaign to continue welcoming audiences back in to their local cinema.

Ahead of their upcoming slate of engaging & acclaimed films, access>CINEMA is showcasing the cultural significance of local film clubs, community cinemas and arts centres across Ireland in their “Big Screens, Bigger Communities, Biggest Stories” campaign.

As large-chain cinema audience numbers are starting to return to normal, access>CINEMA is reaching out to members and local partners in an effort to attract audiences, returning and new, to join screenings in venues throughout Ireland, and share in the communal experience of local cinema.

“access>CINEMA is delighted to partner with local community cinemas across the country to bring powerful, moving and entertaining stories to their big screens. For over 40 years, our commitment to our members and their audiences has been a testament to a love of cinema.”

Maeve Cooke, Managing Director of access>CINEMA

“We encourage everyone to get involved in hosting local in-person screenings, and through a shared passion of film, engage with and grow connections in their communities. It offers a uniquely social, enjoyable way to experience stories and characters, that is very different from the offerings at big-chain multiplexes or from the routine comforts of home.

Highlighting the importance of audience support, Cooke concluded:

“Local film clubs, like many arts organisations, were massively impacted during the pandemic, and while Government supports were very welcome, it’s impossible for access>CINEMA and its network of clubs and arts centres to continue to exist without the welcome and essential support of local communities.”

The “Big Screens” are increasing in local communities across the country, both urban and rural, with access>CINEMA always available to support and promote the nearest club or centre, and help in the establishment of new cinema screenings.

Bigger Audiences” are what make the local screenings and clubs possible, from diehard film lovers to those with an interest in hidden gems, all encouraged to join a nationwide community and forge connections over a passion for cinema.

Finally, the “Biggest Stories” are just around the corner, as access>CINEMA prepares its autumn slate of films ready for screenings across Ireland. Upcoming additions include internationally acclaimed award-winners Triangle of Sadness and Decision To Leave as well as Saoirse Ronan’s new film See How They Run, to be featured alongside recent releases such as An Cailín Ciúin. Other exciting activities on offer from access>CINEMA this Autumn include new cinema screenings starting at five off-shore islands as part of their Island’s Eye project, Virtual Reality screenings at selected locations and anime screenings at their Japanese Film Festival partner cinemas.

James Sheerin, Committee Member of the Clones Film Club and Festival, spoke on the importance of local cinema clubs also.

“The success of our club was purely relying on its audience and their hunger for a diet of World Cinema. As numbers increased, we saw that patrons were delighted to see films from every corner of the world that they otherwise were unable to access on the big screen due to geographical circumstances.

This would not be possible without access>CINEMA who gave cinema clubs and festivals across the country help in the process of curating a nutritious menu of films that can evoke a range of emotions.  Audiences want to feel like a part of the film, to empathise with characters, to connect with the gamut of emotions that world cinema evokes.  Get up, get out, broaden your horizons, broaden your mind!  If one film can do this, imagine what two can do.” 

With the support of the Arts Council and Screen Ireland, access>CINEMA aims to deliver a diverse range of quality cinema, that is not available on commercial cinema screens, to local Irish audiences; to provide advice, expertise and support for cultural film programming and technical presentation; to support and present the work of Irish filmmakers; and to grow, develop and promote opportunities to expand access to and participation with cultural cinema exhibition regionally. With films like An Cailín Ciúin thriving through word of mouth across Ireland, the benefits of quality exhibition are clear for Irish productions across the board.

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