Tote&Tee Awesome apparel by Amy Lauren McGrath

Film fans! If you know us at Film In Dublin you know there’s two things we value above all else – watching Irish movies and watching them with a bag of popcorn spilling over, preferably dripping
with golden, gorgeous, wonderfully unhealthy butter. We’ve teamed up with artist extraordinaire
Amy Lauren McGrath to express that affection and let you do the same, with t-shirts and tote
bags that will let you share your love of cinema in style.

Check out links to the amazing Amy Lauren X Film In Dublin apparel collection below.

Butter Popcorn Appreciation Society

Buttered popcorn just hits different. Sneak your snacks into the cinema and look stunning doing it as an official member of the Butter Popcorn Appreciation Society.

“Why don’t cinemas do buttered popcorn much anymore? I used to work at a cinema chain and
would give extra butter to the nicest customers. The stuff is liquid gold in that you have to really search for it nowadays.”

Amy Lauren McGrath

Big Irish Heads On Screen

There they are now. Show off your faves from the fair city of film and beyond with our chart of some 21st century classics of Irish cinema. Can you identify them all?

“As a country, we need to celebrate homegrown talent and Film In Dublin is doing this. They wanted to showcase Irish film made in the last ten or so years, and I knew that showing off a selection of some main characters on wearable items would get some conversations going.”

Amy Lauren McGrath

We’re buzzed to announce also that the full Amy Lauren X Film In Dublin collection is available to buy live and in real life from artisan retailers Marlowe & Co. The deadly D8 corner shop will have our tees and totes in-store soon. For now you can check out the full range from our online shop now.

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