The Dublin International Comedy Film Festival brings the laughs this January

Film In Dublin loves to see a diverse calendar of programming in the festivals of the fair city of film. So we’re glad to see the return of the Dublin International Comedy Film Festival. Specifically devoted to the craft of comedy, the 2022 edition of DICFF arrives later this month to celebrate comedic storytellers and ensure that the genre gets its due.

Comedy shorts, features, sketches and new web-series will be available online for this year’s festival, with 9 carefully curated comedic programmes set to stream from the festival website. The online programme announced today for theDublin International Comedy Film Festival 2022 will be taking place from January 20th – 22nd and subject to Covid and confirmation, some live screenings may be on offer as well. The online offerings will become available from 7pm on Thursday 20th January, with the video stream accessible for ticket holders for 48 hours.

Tickets for the short film programmes at the festival are available for €6, while Irish and International comedy features are available for €11. With three features in each bundle there’s value to be found that’s certainly no laughing matter. Adam William Cahill, Craig Austin Reynolds and Michael MacBroom will be representing the Irish side with comedy features Follow the Dead, Rebecca’s Boyfriend and Welcome to Northern Ireland respectively.


Follow the Dead
As viral videos seem to evidence the fall of Dublin at the hands of the undead, four Millennials in rural Ireland can’t discern fake news from real. Has a dependent lifestyle left them too naive to weather their fate?


Rebecca’s Boyfriend

After cheating on his girlfriend, Cameron is forced to reconsider whether he is the nice guy he thought he was and not in fact a dickhead.


Welcome to Northern Ireland

A drama and social satire balancing painful social truths with laugh out loud comedy. A down-on-his-luck expat returns to Northern Ireland after many years away. He slowly realises that everything comes at a cost and there are difficult decisions to be made about living in Northern Ireland.

Check out the full programme for the 2022 Dublin International Comedy Film Festival below and find tickets and more info available from the festival website.

Irish Short Films 1 – “When All Else Fails” 
| Barry | Can I Tap? | Chicken Out | Post Love | Qu’est-ce Que c’est | Reunification | Robo Legs | The Clamper |
Irish Short Films 2 –  “Don’t Get Cocky” 
| ​​Cactus Hands | Every Limerence Helps | In The Room | Magic | Measuring Stick | Nosy Neighbour | The Cows | The Man on the Phone | Tina Times Two | 
“Best Intentions” – International Short Films 1
| Big Weekend Plans | Cut Off | Ladies, Have We Progressed? | Money Craze | Roule Bécane | The Flowerpot Monster and the Pinwheel | The Remnant | The Struggle is Real 365 | UnCuLtURE | 

“Romance is Dead” – International Short Films 2
| ARM | Club House Romance | LoveLetters Profiles | She Grinds Exceeding Small | Sitcom Jimmy | The Joy Of Growing Pineapples | 
“Bat-Shit-Crazy” – International Short Films 3
| Farewell Mr. Baker | JACKS | Menace Miamine | The Killer in Cursed Water | Unorganized Crime | Viskar I Vinden |
Irish and International Web-Series 
| Adventure Brothers | Daddy Diaper Diaries | Northood – I’m Just a Trickster | Paldemic | Plastic Paddies | QuaranDream! |  Resistance | The Great Fools | Winfield Historical Times…And Other Oddities 
Irish Feature Films
| Follow the Dead | Rebecca’s Boyfriend | Welcome to Northern Ireland | 
International Feature Films 1
| Ashens and the Polybius Heist | Holidays at all cost | Stroke of Luck |​
International Feature Films 2
| 2020: A Comedy Special | Losers Revolution | Tracy and Martina’s Cape Breton Christmas Special |

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