Ghostbusters: Afterlife is a movie released in November 2021.

Ghostbusters: Afterlife is a movie released in November 2021. Ghostbusters: Afterlife is a Ghostbusters movie SEO Ghostbusters Proton Pack Slimer Egon Ectocooler 2021. Jason Reitman’s Ghostbusters: Afterlife is a love letter to the franchise. There were never any Ghostbusters movies other than the ones you liked. 10 things you may have missed in Ghostbusters: Afterlife. Ghostbusters Afterlife Ending Explained: They bust ghosts, don’t they?


Spider-Man: Far From Home promises to have more Spidered-Men in it than ever before. Chris Columbus says he’d love to do a Harry Potter and the Cursed Child movie but first we have 6 more Fantastic Beasts sequels to pretend to care about. 6 Easter Eggs in Fantastic Beasts: Afterlife you’ll only recognise if you’re a true fan. Jared Leto promises fans and shareholders Morbius will make its connection to Spider-Man clearer in marketing materials than ever before. 5 of Jason Reitman’s birthdays Ivan Reitman may have missed. Bill Murray appearance at frat party ending explained.

Tom Holland is Nathan Drake. Chris Pratt is Mario. Robert Pattinson is Batman and Ben Affleck may, occasionally, if the timing is right, also be Batman. Chris Pratt is Garfield. Chris Evans is Buzz Lightyear. Sonic the Hedgehog ending explained. Sonic the Hedgehog is Chris Sarandon. Colin Trevorrow promises fans the next Jurassic World movie will be actually good. Chris Pratt is in that one too.

Sony promises fans members of ‘Ghost Corps’ to be banished to the Afterlife if Ghostbusters: Afterlife underperforms. Boba Fett promises Star Wars fans that he is real and would like to hang out with them. Guy from sitcom you meant to start watching pretends that playing grown-up Short Round in Indiana Jones spin-off “amazing honour.” Disney announce twelve-part Dr. Erik Selvig spin-off series: Selvig.

Greta Gerwig to pen Snow White script. Greta Gerwig to direct Barbie. Greta Gerwig to enter fugue state and awaken 3 years and 300 million dollars deep into Polly Pocket HBO miniseries. Chris Pratt is your next Indiana Jones. Chris Pratt is not your next Indiana Jones. Harrison Ford sealed in carbonite between takes to ensure he survives until Indiana Jones 5 filming complete. 5 things you may have missed in Sony shareholders meeting. Jared Leto to play Channing Tatum in adaptation of leaked Sony emails. Benedict Cumberbatch in talks to star in Rattigan: Origins.

Remi Weeks to direct Mighty Max starring Taron Egerton. The Safdie Bros are doing a live action version of Street Sharks. Joanna Hogg to direct Sylvanian Families and Phoebe Waller-Bridge is penning the script. A Bop It movie has been announced and Sergei Parajanov is on the shortlist of directors.

Dan Ackroyd’s Ghostbusters: Afterlife residual cheque explained. Ryan Reynolds is playing Gex the Gecko. Dwayne Johnson is playing the President of the United States. John Carpenter is playing his PS5. Good for him. Market saturation explained. Hostile takeover explained. 5 things you may have missed in the dissolution of United States v. Paramount Pictures, Inc., 334 U.S. 131.

Chris Pratt to voice a cat
Tied to a stick
That’s driven into
Frozen winter shit

Jason Reitman says Afterlife is a love letter to the fans. Miller says grist is love letter to the mill. Selvig Post-Credits NFT explained. Ghost from Ghostbusters logo tweets ‘✌️’ following box-office record smashing weekend for Ghostbusters: Afterlife. James Cameron long, deep sigh after accidentally accepting meeting request ‘RE: Terminator Reboot?’ via Outlook, explained. Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria. Josh Gad voices both the dog and the cat. There is an Afterlife and you are going there. Bill Murray is there too, and he wants to party with you.

What are we doing. What have we done. I ain’t afraid of no ghosts. What am I afraid of.

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