Must be the Samhain na mBan at the Light House Cinema

The Light House Cinema can always be relied on when October rolls around to offer up a programme of classic, cult and quality horror movies, and 2021 is no exception. This October 18 – 31st, they’ll be screening a selection of greats with a very particular theme. Join the Smithfield cinema ‘standing in aaagh of all mná this Halloween, with their Samhain na mBan series of horrors and thrillers by women directors.


Ten great movies from the 18th all the way up to Halloween night will be showing at the cinema as part of this Samhain na mBan, celebrating some of our greatest directors. From the great Ida Lupino and her tense thriller The Hitchhiker, to classics in mid-reevaluation like Jennifer’s Body, and recent acclaimed efforts including Revenge, it’s a season spanning 6o years of cinema.


Revisit Raw ahead of the release of Julia Ducournau’s eagerly, eerily anticipated follow-up Titane, or catch up with Patrick Bateman at the 35mm print screening of Mary Harron’s take on American Psycho. In Anna Biller’s technicolour mind-melt The Love Witch, you can also see one of the unheralded horror hits of the last decade. There’s something for every horror fan here, whether you like blood and guts, psychological scares, or celebrating queer icons like the Babadook. And if the great artwork by Meagan Hyland is anything to go by, the Light House is going to be decked to the nines as always this spooky season.


artwork by Meagan Hyland


Check out the full list of films screening for Samhain na mBan, with tickets available now.


THE LOVE WITCH (From 18th October 2021)

A GIRL WALKS HOME ALONE AT NIGHT (From 19th October 2021)

RAVENOUS (From 20th October 2021)

THE HITCH-HIKER (From 24th October 2021)

(From 25th October 2021)

REVENGE (From 27th October 2021)

RAW (From 28th October 2021)

PET SEMATARY (From 29th October 2021)

JENNIFER’S BODY (From 30th October 2021)

AMERICAN PSYCHO 35MM (From 31st October 2021)



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