Pretty Deadly Films #7 – Bangers, Bops & Needle Drops

The seventh issue of of Film In Dublin’s zine Pretty Deadly Films is out now. Read all about the best of movie music in Bangers, Bops & Needle Drops.

Our zine celebrates the best of blockbusters, cult hits and fave films, where the pretty and the deadly do things that are pretty deadly. On film.

Issue Seven – Bangers, Bops & Needle Drops is available now and you can pay what you want for a Digital Download or throw us a couple of quid to order a hard copy.

This double-sided bumper issue features:

Original art by Katelyn McKenna and Jess Dunne

A list that Walks Hard by Luke Dunne

An essay on the music of Sofia Coppola movies by Jennifer Gannon

A selection of perfect needle drops in Queer Cinema by Francesco Bacci

An exploration into the soundtrack of Velvet Goldmine by Saoirse Ní Chiaragáin

and more!

For all you boppers out there in the big city and beyond, all you cinema people with an ear for the action, this one’s for you. It’s a special for the music lovers, an EP sized issue devoted to some pretty deadly tunes, the music that ups the score of movies in your head, the perfectly timed soundtrack slappers that blew you away.

The needle drop is one of the most deadly, but delicate weapons in a filmmakers’ arsenal. Done well, the right song queued up at just the right moment elevates the emotion of a scene perfectly, pulling us through the scene and right into the agony or ecstasy of the characters. Get your copy and get ready to bop.

And you can also check out our Spotify playlist for PDF #7 – a selection of needle drop bops from films in this issue and beyond as selected by our contributors for this issue.

Take a look at Film In Dublin’s Gumroad page and get your copy now.

About Luke Dunne

Luke is a writer, film addict and Dublin native who loves how much there is for film fans in his home county. A former writer for FilmFixx and the Freakin' Awesome Network, he founded Film In Dublin to pursue his dual dreams of writing about film and never sleeping ever again.

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