All set for a Summer of Fun at the Light House Cinema

With the Light House Cinema reopening its doors earlier this month, its loyal clientele were eager to avail of some of their beloved comfort movie favourites. Stuff to get people excited to get back into a cinema seat again, when they feel safe and willing to do so. The Smithfield cinema have duly obliged and July and August will see them host a ‘Summer of Fun’, all killer, no filler programming to put a smile on your face (behind your mask).



From 8th July until the end of August, the Sumer of Fun promises a succession of joyful romps on the big screen. As described by the Light House, its “no scares, no tears, no epidemiologists, just fun”. Fans in the fair city of film and beyond recommended over a hundred films to programme into such a season across social media and the boffins at the Light House have whittled that down into a list of 23 films for the summer, a mix of recent hits, old favourites, all-singing, all dancing cinema.


From Philadelphia Story to Booksmart, it’s a decade-spanning selection of fun. Keep in mind that with current reduced capacity, screenings are likely to sell out faster than usual, if any of the films below do take your fancy.

Check out the full programme for the Summer of Fun season here:

THE PRINCESS BRIDE From 8th July 2021




GREASE 2 From 11th July 2021


GREASE From 11th July 2021


THE WEDDING SINGER From 15th July 2021

From 17th July 2021


LEGALLY BLONDE From 22nd July 2021


FERRIS BUELLER’S DAY OFF From 25th July 2021




SINGIN’ IN THE RAIN From 1st August 2021


10 THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU From 4th August 2021


DAZED AND CONFUSED From 5th August 2021


ENCHANTED From 8th August 2021


SISTER ACT 2 From 10th August 2021


SISTER ACT From 10th August 2021


DUMB AND DUMBER From 11th August 2021


THE BLUES BROTHERS From 12th August 2021


WAYNE’S WORLD From 18th August 2021


SCHOOL OF ROCK From 19th August 2021


SHREK From 22nd August 2021


BRIDESMAIDS From 25th August 2021


BOOKSMART From 26th August 2021


THE PHILADELPHIA STORY From 28th August 2021

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