Available now: ‘Scarface’ by Amy Lauren McGrath, PDF for Palestine

In the most recent issue of our zine Pretty Deadly Films, illustrator Amy Lauren McGrath contributed an art piece on Scarface under our theme of ‘Reboots, Returns, Revivals’. Film In Dublin and Amy are now making a limited run of A4 prints of this piece available, with all proceeds going to support medical relief in Palestine.

Having worked with the likes of Barnados, the Dublin Inquirer and more, Amy is an artist with an approachable style and a distinct creative mindset. For PDF #5, Amy brought the original 1932 Scarface and the famous Al Pacino 80s version together, having this to say about the revived gangster flick:

I had no idea that Scarface was a remake! Pacino saw the 1932 original at an indie cinema in LA, and that sparked the 1983 classic.

In both movies, Tony chases his dream without looking back. In the 1932
version, Paul Muni’s Tony regrets his actions by the time he’s killed. ‘The World Is Yours’ is a motif that appears in both movies as a metaphor for ruthless ambition. Rather than go out in a blaze of glory, 1932’s Tony reaches a pitiful death by police gunfire. If you’ve seen Pacino as Tony Montana, you know he does not go out in quite the same way.

Amy was generous enough to make a limited edition run of 20 signed A4 prints of this Scarface piece available, which are available now from the Film In Dublin Gumroad store.

All proceeds from sales of these prints, available for €8 each, will be donated by Film In Dublin to the Palestinian Medical Relief Society.

Palestinian Medical Relief Society (PMRS) is a grassroots community-based Palestinian health organization. PMRS was founded in 1979 by a group of Palestinian doctors and health professionals seeking to supplement the decayed and inadequate health infrastructure caused by years of Israeli military occupation. It is non-profit, voluntary, and one of the largest health NGOs in Palestine. PMRS is national health programs emphasize prevention, education, community participation, and the empowerment of people.

These limited edition art pieces are available now via the link below, for you or the film fan in your life who wants to support a good cause.

‘Scarface’ by Amy Lauren McGrath, PDF for Palestine (gumroad.com)

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