Irish Film Distributors Association invites us to #LoveCinema

Following widespread confusion at the latest Covid-19 restrictions in the Republic of Ireland, the Department of the Taoiseach have stated as of this morning that “theatres (including cinemas)” are permitted to operate with 50 people without needing Govt approval. Clear as mud? With cinemas still operating, a campaign has launched in Ireland called #Lovecinema, a reminder to audiences of the wonder that film on the big screen has to offer.

Contradictory statements from various government departments are a source of frustration for the film industry here, as they are for so many industries and individuals at the moment, but it appears, for now, that you can still go and see a movie in the fair city of film. While we’re relieved, we wonder what swung it for the cinemas – does a box of popcorn count as a substantial meal according to health guidelines or does the transformative power of cinema qualify as sufficiently ecclesiastical to designate a film audience as a religious gathering? One would call the current lack of substance and leadership from our government a miserable consequence of ceding political power to think-tank detritus and useless PR ‘gurus’, but allow Film In Dublin to state on record that the PR professionals we have worked with have always been considerably more professional and communicative than the current Irish government.

What is clear is that where cinemas, galleries and theatres are continuing to operate with 50 people indoors and 200 outdoors, with appropriate measures are in place, attendees should respect and protect those venues, their staff and their fellow film fans by adhering to the guidelines. Remember that face masks are mandatory for all public areas of the building, including lobby, walkways and bathrooms. While you are allowed to remove face coverings once you are seated in screen, you may wish to keep your mask on for the duration of your screening. Remember to be mindful of physical distancing when entering and exiting and to keep those hands clean. If you need to see Tenet , rememeber these tenets, think of it that way.

Apologies for editorialising…how how about a lighter note?

The Irish Film Distributors Association with Cinema First has today launched #Lovecinema, a nationwide campaign designed to capture the attention of audiences across the country and remind them of the unique experience that only the big screen can offer.

The #Lovecinema campaign celebrates the nation’s love of cinema, a central part of our community and the most accessible and popular form of ticketed cultural entertainment in Ireland and the UK.

At the heart of the campaign is a cinematic montage created by Empire Design which celebrates the wonder of cinema, stories that have captured our imaginations, shaped memories, moved us to tears, made us laugh, and opened our eyes to alternative worlds.

The montage featuring over 50 films pays tribute to some of the most memorable moments from cinema history including the ground-breaking cultural treasure The Wizard of Oz, winner of 11 Oscars Ben Hur, number one on the IMDb poll of greatest films ever made The Shawshank Redemption, the timeless musical classic My Fair Lady and the iconic underdog crowd-pleaser Rocky.

It also teases the most anticipated films hitting screens this year, including Christopher Nolan’s espionage thriller Tenet, Daniel Craig in his final outing as James Bond in No Time to Die, Gal Gadot reprising her iconic superhero role in Wonder Woman 1984, Marvel’s Black Widow starring Scarlett Johansson and Denis Villeneuve’s hotly awaited adaptation of the evolutionary sci-fi epic Dune starring Timothée Chalamet.

It’s a pleasant reminder of the power of film on the big screen. We hope that we can increasingly, gradually and most importantly safely express that we #LoveCinema in the months ahead.


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