David Lynch Season returns to the Light House Cinema

In the Light House, everything is fine.

The Light House Cinema (as well as Pálás Galway) are celebrating the release of the 4K Restoration of The Elephant Man, hosting an ode to one of our greatest living filmmakers, David Lynch. Film maker, visual artist, and occasional actor David Lynch has spent decades creating a body of work celebrated for its cerebral, satirical and unnerving perspective on American life. The Smithfield cinema held a successful season of Lynch’s work in 2016, and the chance to see his work on the big screen is always welcome. Throughout March and April they’ll be offering a full retrospective of Lynch’s films and no, the television revival of Twin Peaks is not in there. The season will be kicking off from 13th March with The Elephant Man itself and including greats like Eraserhead, Blue Velvet and Mulholland Drive, the polarising Dune and more. A very rare screening of a selection of Lynch’s shorts will also be showcased during the season. Explore the uncanny and surreal world of one of cinema’s true masters this Spring.

Check out the full list of screenings for the David Lynch season at the Light House below:

The Elephant Man

(From 13th March 2020)


(From 22nd March 2020)

Blue Velvet

(From 25th March 2020)


(From 28th March 2020)

The Straight Story

(From 4th April 2020)

Wild at Heart

(From 5th April 2020)

Lost Highway

(From 9th April 2020)

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me

(From 11th April 2020)

Mulholland Drive

(From 12th April 2020)

David Lynch Short Films

(From 14th April 2020)

Inland Empire

(From 24th April 2020)

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