A new cinema is on its way to Dawson Street

A new venue for cinema is set to open up in the heart of the city, with the UK-based Everyman chain set to expand into Dublin.

Planning permission has been granted for a new cinema in Dublin city centre as of yesterday, with the Dublin Chamber confirming that the planning green light has been given for a new 2-screen cinema in the basement of the recently revamped One Molesworth Street building. Property company Green REIT property company have been granted permission to proceed with the development by Dublin City Council following an application earlier this year.

Planners had previously sought additional information about the acoustics of the new development, but the applicant is said to have “demonstrated how they would mitigate against background noise from the cinema”.

Ultimately, planners concluded: “Whilst the loss of the basement retail floor space is regrettable it would not merit refusal of the application in this instance when considered against planning policy.”

Located on Dawson Street, the two-screen theatre will be found on the lower ground floor beside the Ivy restaurant.

The venue will be the first cinema in Ireland operated by the UK-based Everyman group, who operate 28 sites currently on the other side of the Irish Sea.

The chain’s style is similar to the likes of the Light House Cinema and Irish Film Institute, offering showings of arthouse, international and independent cinema, as long as event screenings, including live opera, theatre etc. operates upmarket cinemas, focusing on arthouse films and ‘event’ screenings (such as live opera and theatre broadcasts). Ticket prices at Everyman venues are £11.26, against an average in the UK or £6.80. The Dublin venue is set to run two screen, one with 72 seats and one with 51.

The location will also include a bar and dining area. UK Everyman locations offer a wide variety from place to place regarding the food on offer, and it will be interesting to see which way this new venue goes.

Stay tuned for further developments on this new cinema heading to Dawson Street.

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