Pay As You Go Post Production Service Launches Indie GoGo Campaign

A new crowdfunding campaign launched by an industry professional aims to make post-production services more accessible filmmakers working on small budgets with “pay as you go” consultations, sound editing and sound design.

Professional sound editor and sound designer Glenn Kauffman has worked in location and post sound in Ireland for the past three years and with his innovative crowdfunding campaign he hopes to fill a very relevant gap in the market for budget filmmakers.

A contributor to Sound on Film in CinÉireann and a reviewer for Scannain, Glenn has worked in low-budget indie film since 1991 and understands the challenges faced by low budget producers and directors.

One challenge which will certainly ring through to many indie fiLmmakers is the lack of big budgets needed to carry out the proper post production taking a story that they really care about to the next level and getting it seen by festivals and investors.

Enter Glenn, and his innovative crowdfunding campaign which may help filmmakers who cannot afford financial commitment to large post houses and freelance editors. Through this campaign, funders can avail of professional sound editing and sound design on a “pay what you can when you can” basis.

Trained and experienced in Pro Tools and equipped with all of the professional grade tools needed to make good sound sound great, Glenn aims to obtain the official AVID Pro Tools certification which consists of two courses and a series of exams at the end of May 2019.

Through the various perks as part of his IndieGoGo campaign, he offers editing and sound design services at a reduced rate in order to raise the funds for this course.

Incentives for investors include noise removal/cleaning and editing/sound design options for projects at different stages of completion. There’s something for all types of projects including shorts, features, games, trailers, and festival submissions.

Check out the full list of perks and prices currently available from this campaign below:

Noise Removal/Repair – Short
€50 EUR 
Consultation – Short Film
€10 EUR 
Consultation – Feature Film
€20 EUR 
Sound Editing & Design – Short
€100 EUR
Sound Editing/Design – Medium
€250 EUR
Sound Editing/Design – Long
€500 EUR

Kaufmann’s work in the industry includes Sink (2017) directed by Derek Ugochukwu, 2017 and Heart of Stone (2017) and To Love (2018) directed by Todd A. Sheets, as well as working as a production assistant on Alan Parker’s Mississipi Burning in 1988. His full filmography can be checked out here.

So, if you have some post production needs coming up or are interested in his ideas to support low-budget filmmakers why not check out the Indie GoGo page here or share with any fellow filmmakers that might like to avail of it.

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