The Korean Film Festival Ireland back in Dublin in early June

Always an exciting part of the calendar in the fair city of film, the Korean Film Festival Ireland will be taking place in early June. Tickets are available now for this celebration of Korean cinema and culture.

The Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Ireland presents the Korean Film Festival every year, and this year it will be taking place at the Light House Cinema from June 7th – 9th. As always for this event, tickets are free of charge but they are limited to two per person. Festival programmers have presented a diverse set of films to appeal to everyone’s tastes from one of the hubs of international cinema. And who like their tastes to be particulary tasty, you should know that ticket holders for the opening screening on the 7th of June are also invited to attend a post-screening reception. A mouth-watering Korean buffet, as well as refreshments, will be available on the night.


Tickets are on offer now over at Eventbrite. Check out the full schedule of cinema for the Korean Film Festival below:


6.30pm – A Barefoot Dream -맨발의 꿈 (2010)

Director: Kim Tae-kyun

Won-kang, a former football prospect whose life didn’t turn out as planned heads to East Timor thinking that there will be plenty of opportunities for him. One day, he sees street kids playing ball with their bare feet. Thinking he can score big by selling boots, he opens a sports equipment store but realizes none of the kids can afford expensive shoes or jerseys. Feeling sympathetic towards their financial plight, he decides to teach the kids how to play football.



6.30pm – My Brilliant Life -두근두근 내 인생 (2014)

Director: Lee Hae-young

My Brilliant Life is the story of the youngest parents and oldest child in the world. Sixteen-year-old boy, Ahreum has Progeria Syndrome, a rare genetic defect that will cause the child to show rapid ageing from an early age. The young parents of the boy, who had Ahreum when they both were seventeen, are still in their early 30s. Although knowing that Ahreum does not have much time left, they appear on a fundraising TV show in the hope of raising enough money for his medical care.


8.50pm – Confession of Murder -내가 살인범이다 (2012)

Director: Jung Byung-gil

As the statute of limitations on a high profile serial murder case expires, a family member of one of the victims throws himself off the building in front of Detective Choi, who is the head of the investigation team. Two years later, a man called Du-seok Lee publishes a book titled “Confession of Murder,” claiming his responsibility for the murders that took place seventeen years prior. His book becomes a huge success; however, another person soon appears claiming to be the perpetrator.



6.00pmGreen Days: Dinosaur and I -소중한 날의 꿈 (2011)

Directors: Ahn Jae-hoon / Han Hye-jin

High school student Yi-rang orchestrates a collapse in the middle of a relay race even though she’s on the verge of realizing her dream of becoming an athlete. At the same time, Soo-min transfers to her school from Seoul, and Cheol-soo, who dreams of becoming a scientist, also comes into her life. Set in the ‘80s and ‘90s, this charming coming of age animation competed for the top prize at the 2011 Annecy International Animated Film Festival.


8.15pm – My Mother the Mermaid-인어공주 (2004)

Director: Park Heung-sik

Na-young is in her mid-twenties and works at a post office. She dislikes both her incompetent father and her stern mother. When her father disappears without a trace, she departs to her parents’ hometown in search for him. The moment she arrives on the island where her mother and father once lived, she is transported back in time to when her parents’ relationship was just beginning.


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