Karl Callan’s short film Repeal makes the reality of abortion in Ireland clear

With just 10 days to go until the Referendum on the regulation of termination of pregnancy, it is a vital time to provide information that is honest, both factually and emotionally, to the public. One of a number in the Irish film community making efforts in this regard is Karl Callan, whose short film, simply titled  Repeal aims to tell the stories of women for whom the repealing of the 8th amendment is vital.

Callan was prompted to write and direct the short as soon as it became apparent that a referendum on this issue was on the way. Concerned by the idea that women can be prosecuted and jailed for receiving what is essentially health care, his film is aimed at those who may be undecided in which way to vote in the upcoming referendum.

Telling 3 separate stories, each based real-life testimonies, the film depicts the reality of abortion in Ireland, the unsafe, shaming and traumatic impact of the 8th Amendment and makes obvious the need for change to the system in Ireland. You can watch the full short below:


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