Irish psychological horror Lock In seeks funding

Attention Irish horror fans! Lock in is an intense psychological horror feature film from writer/director Malcolm Deegan. The film tells the story of Robert O’ Rourke, a recluse who struggles day by day to remember his identity. Closed away from the outside world, Robert is plagued by visions that may or may not be real.  Soon Robert awakens into a nightmare that is very real and will change him forever. The film is currently seeking production funding to help complete the project, turning to crowdfunding to ensure their film gets made.

Lock in is a part thriller, part horror film about one man’s struggle to regain control of his own mind. It tells a cautionary tale about trust and lies, betrayal, deception and murder. The film’s Indiegogo page promises’ a twisty, engaging plot with a memorable villain and an unpredictable storyline.’

Speaking about the project, Malcolm Deegan has said:

What must it be like for an amnesiac patient to live day by day? This is the thought that struck me. Especially as our protagonist, Robert O’ Rourke, knows very little about himself. He lives the life of a recluse, closed away from the outside world as it is a fearsome place filled with unknown threats and enemies.

His soul is filled with anguish of a better time that somehow is always just beyond his reach. Like a memory that feels very real but somehow you can only see flashes as it tantalisingly stays just beyond your grasp. ‘lock in’ at its core is about struggle and conflict both in Robert’s own mind as well as the external forces he runs in to. It touches on issues of trust, anger, regret and most importantly control of one’s memory.

It is a cautionary tale to be weary of who you trust and allow into your life and your consciousness.

Ultimately it is about power and the conflicting struggle to maintain it and those external forces that wish to take that power away. Sound will play a vital role in this movie helping create the sense and feel of paranoia, fear and dread. This device will take us closer into Robert’s troubled mind.

Fresh from the end of the successful IFI Horrorthon it’s clear that Ireland is a real hive of horror and the successful funding of the film, an all-or-nothing proposition, would certainly aid in that regard. The project aims to raise €23,000 over the next few weeks, offering perks ranging from a sincere thank you through DVD copies and merch all the way up to an official producer’s credit on the Lock in. Deegan has a good track record in horror, with the director’s previous film Fractional receiving a release on several VOD platforms, as well as DVD and Bluray. Even for a filmmaker with previous credits however, funding isn’t always easy to come by, resulting in the production turning to the viewing public for help with funding. Check out a teaser for the film below:

The film’s crowdfunding campaign runs until Monday, 20th of November. You can see more about the film and it’s production on their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

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