Announcing #52Fridays of Female Directors

With the year that’s in it, it’s perhaps easy to imagine that we have reached gender parity in the film industry (or in Hollywood at least), what with Patty Jenkins behind the biggest blockbuster of the year and the success of female-driven stories like Atomic Blonde and The Beguiled. But considering Jenkins hadn’t directed a film for around 14 years since her debut, neither Marvel or DC had released a female-centric story in this decade of endless superhero movies and the percentage of films directed by women is the same as it was in 1998, we clearly have more steps to take. So we here at Film In Dublin have an announcement…

You may have seen our weekly feature #MondayMovieMemories where we put out a fun-fact from film history. A few weeks into #MondayMovieMemories, it suddenly hit me that we had yet to feature any female directors. It had been beyond easy to collect info shouting about male achievements in film, both behind and in front of the camera, but when I tried to balance the scale for the following few weeks I found it hard to come by anything more than 20 years old that fit the feature. And so #52FRIDAYS was born.

Starting this week, each Friday we will be recommending a film made by a female director on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

We plan to elevate films old and new, so if you have any suggestions for a #52FRIDAY feel free to let us know through our social media accounts or on email at

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