The Light House is on that Grind in February

Grindhouse Dublin and the Hollywood Babylon Midnight Movie Club are Dublin’s premier purveyors of cult classic films. In February, as every month, they’ll each be screening a cult hit at the Light House Cinema. This month, Hollywood Babylon’s offering is a true genre classic. Grindhouse Dublin’s film is…less so, but it’s still a crowdpleaser that promises a raucous and nostalgic night out at the pictures.

Hot on the heels of Valentine’s Day, Hollywood Babylon present an alternative take on a romance film on February 18th with The Fly. One of the iconic body horrors by director David Cronenberg, The Fly sees Geena Davis and the ever-popular Jeff Goldblum embark on a romance, one that hits a bit of a wall when Goldblum’s DNA becomes spliced with that of a fly and he slowly transforms into a hideous monster with a loose grip on his sanity. One of the all-time great remakes, expanding massively from the cult 1958 horror on which it is based, the 1986 film features incredible effects, possibly the greatest performance of Goldblum and stands as one of the best films by Cronenberg. The Midnight Movie Club will begin with a pre-show of trailers for their favourite romantic movies that are not actually romantic. Proceedings begin at 10.45pm. Perfect for someone who wants to treat their significant other to something a little different, or those people who just have the hots for the Brundlefly. Everybody’s got their thing sure.

Later this month, Grindhouse Dublin present a film that is perhaps less well-remembered, but is sure to get the nostalgia juices flowing in many a 90’s kid. On February 24th at 11pm, the city’s slingers of shlock screen Mortal Kombat, the 1995 film version of the smash hit video game series. It remains among the highest rated video game adaptations to this day, for what it’s worth, and remains fondly remembered by anyone who sunk their change into a Mortal Kombat arcade machine back in the day. Grindhouse Dublin will be showing the martial art antics of Christopher Lambert and co in classic 35mm.

Whether you like your genre films to be interesting and artsy or mindless fun, the Light House and friends have options for you in February.

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